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Learn more about Nexus

Nexus started in 2019 as Burke Forensic Evaluations Services, LLC. The business evolved into a group practice to better meet client demand and community needs. To reflect the expansion and change to a group practice model, Burke Forensic Evaluation Services became Nexus Forensic and Psychological Services, LLC in early 2024. The name Nexus represents our focus on both the intersection of law and psychology and the connection between each individual's mental health and their behavior. 


The Nexus team presently includes three Certified Forensic Evaluators and one predoctoral practicum student who are honored to provide court-involved psychological evaluations for adults, and consultation to legal professionals on a variety of issues. Although Nexus is based in Eugene, OR, we are able to provide services throughout the state of Oregon. We use only evidence-based assessment methods and strive to answer psycho-legal questions with thoroughness, efficiency, clarity, and integrity. Please review the list of available services or contact us to let us know how we can help.

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